• Jesus help us. I was half ass-ing the mask as I was boarding the plane and this high strung flight attendant jumped up my rectum. Tried to make me where the mask the airline was providing (more VOCs, less air flow, no thank you), saying my mask was “too loose”. COME ON PEOPLE! The gestapo are emboldened. Balance Protocol family, what are you doing…Read More

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    • Jesus, she keeps hounding me if my mast is an atom below the tip of my nose. What has this world become?

    • I am not wearing a mask and refusing to use any form of public transportation. If people could for a period of time refuse flying, or a train or any form of public transportation that requires a mask, then they would loose a lot of money and would be forced to be accommodating to those that do not want to or cannot wear a mask or go out of…Read More

  • Happy Thanksgiving Balance Protocol Family. This community means so much to me, thank you.

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  • Hello Balance Nation! Finally Home!

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Carlos Rivas @ carlosrivasmd
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