• You know when all the leftist/globalist/socialist want to brain wash they are do the infamous operation mockingbird group speak…

  • Bet you didn’t know…..

    According to the CDC:
    There have been 56,789 “adverse events” due to COVID vaccines since December.

    There have been 2,342 deaths.
    (Realize…historically this data is WAY under reported)

    For context: Remember that day back is 2001 when that many people were killed and 100s of millions weren’t? 😏

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    • I have triaged a ton of reactions with all the vaccines not just J&J and of course J&J is only one saying there’s reactions ..it is also activating dormant viruses 🦠 mostly seen shingles and EBV and also in younger folks brings on a mast cell response with auto immune titers being elevated

  • YES!….THIS is how you do it! Of course Publix here in FL does NOT require masks….but…so many others covidiot stores still insist on being maskholes and saying “store policy” (that is unlawful and unconstitutional btw)…Naples FL (where my wife is from) is loaded with democrat nazi types and it is SO refreshing to see this store owner say…Read More

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  • Here is a great listen from Ex. Pfizer vice-president on the bullshit covid vaccine


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    • Did you catch that he said that the safety is not complete. Every medical intervention, whether it be a tablet, injection, always come with some measure of risk.

  • Want to know why you MUST STOP WEARING MASKS a.k.a “bitch muzzles”? (click the twitter link at the end of post and watch)

    The powerful elites of the World Economic Forum (WEF) are promoting a new “smart mask” that connects to the user’s smartphone and sends “alerts” if they “forget to put it on.”
    This means they plan on never telling folks…Read More

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    • Bitch muzzles 🤣 perfect description. I like how the ad claims it’s ‘helping the planet to breathe a little easier’ while you’re literally being deprived of oxygen. hahaha

  • I said it last year and I will remind you again… derek chauvin will NOT be convicted for the death of the criminal george floyd and that the communist terrorist group of blm will burn more cities and violently attack random white folks. That time is soon upon us.

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  • The MLB just moved the All-Star Game out of a city that’s 51% black to a city that’s nearly 80% white… all in the name of fighting racism.

    Atlanta: 51% black, 40% white, requires voter ID

    Denver: 76% white, 9% black, also requires voter ID

    Conclusion: @MLB hates black people

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  • Well looks at you Kentucky!🙌🏻

    Philosophical exemptions to all vaccines for adults and children, including in a pandemic, are now the law in Kentucky.


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  • THIS has become a real thing in our country now….😞


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