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    I need some advice. My school district has put into place a new rule regarding masks, they now have to wear them for PE and recess. I’m a PE teacher and so far, I have been able to let my students take them off for my class. Not anymore… I don’t agree with ANY of the restrictions and rules they have put into place but have respected what they want. But THIS? I just can’t… I love my job and don’t want to lose it, but I just CANNOT make my students wear masks for PE! I mean, it’s just plain stupid. These poor kids are already suffering just wearing them in the classroom. What would you do or say in my situation??

    • Most likely the only argument that could get them to reconsider is to present to them a case based on their legal risk. The parents of an asthmatic could sue if an asthma attack was triggered by the masks. Since the students’ faces are covered you will not be aware of facial expressions, wheezing, or other signs that would tip you off that an emergency was imminent. And, if there are parents with common sense at the school, they could start a media blitz giving the school unwanted attention for its policies. They will be unlikely to listen to common sense arguments like, masks don’t work, covid is a hoax, etc.

    • I just saw this….Tammy Blaszak
      Yes, Tammy Clark, from the Stand Up Michigan group, has drafted a letter to School Officials, Elected Officials, School Board Member, and State Policy Makers after sending a FOIA request for information regarding the so-called science. Katherine has it posted with her post about the MDHHS on his page. WELL worth the read! I’m going to use it at my grandkids’ school.

      • MDHHS Reveals That its Order Mandating Facial Coverings for Students Lacks Scientific Support. Hey you, School Officials, Elected Officials, School Board Members, State Policy Makers… https://tinyurl.com/yyvxhptt #OathOfOffice #TruthMatters #IndividualLiberty #RestoreFreedom

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